Product Breakdown

Below you can find a breakdown of our varied product offerings!  To request a detailed specification sheet for a specific product, please contact us by phone or through the form on our Catalog page!

how long does it take to complete the activities?

I suggest setting aside about 15 minutes each day to complete the activities. Don’t worry if you can’t fit one into your
schedule—just try it out later in the week when you’re able. The goal is simply to have some fun while discovering new
ways to add wellness to your daily life!

Can I invite my friends?

Of course! (And, in fact, we recommend it!) After signing up you’ll be given the option to invite a friend (or several!) to
join the free course with you.

Do I need to have any special materials or equipment?

Nope! These activities are designed to work for anyone, anywhere.

what will I get out of this?

New tips, tools and resources for adding more wellness to your daily life! This means feeling better—more energized,
less stressed, and more in control of the habits that impact your health.